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Een fotograaf aan een meer. Een art director bekijkt zijn werk. A photographer at a lake. An art director looks at his work.

Everything about
Ron Gessel 
Set Photographer and Advertising Photographer

Ron Gessel, a former art director who worked at renowned agencies such as FHB BBDO, Lowe and BvH, Ron always had a creative spark within him. But it was only about 15 years ago that he took the step to completely change his career and become a photographer.

There were undoubtedly doubts and challenges in the beginning, but Ron soon found his calling in the world of photography. His talent for visual storytelling, shaped by his experience as an art director, proved to be an invaluable asset in his new profession.

Nowadays Ron often finds himself on film sets, where as a set photographer he moves quickly and silently, like "a fly on the wall", as his colleagues sometimes describe him. His ability to go unnoticed allows him to capture intimate moments that might otherwise be lost.

What makes Ron's heart beat faster is street photography. His great passion lies in capturing daily life on the streets, especially in the bustling cities of Asia and New York. His years of experience as an art director and his sharp observation skills allow him to subtly capture the essence of city life in his photos.

Ron Gessel is a storyteller, always looking for that one moment, that one glimpse of emotion or beauty that remains hidden from others. His journey from art director to photographer has not only brought him a new career, but also given him the freedom to express his creativity in a way that fulfills and inspires him.



PANL Award in the people category.

Fly on the wall

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