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Set photography

Welcome to the site
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Ron Gessel
Set photography 

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Discover Ron's versatile portfolio, a colorful mix of set photography, advertising photography and free work. From lively streets in Asia to majestic landscapes in America, and from striking portraits to impressive architecture. Set photography reveals the dynamics of film sets and brings the magic of every production to life. Ron's images capture the essence of each scene with a keen eye for detail and a unique artistic vision. Let yourself be taken on a visual journey through the world of set photography and discover Ron's versatility and craftsmanship as a set photographer.

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Set Photographer

Welcome to the website of set photographer Ron Gessel, a passionate set photographer with a sharp eye for detail and a love for capturing the world around him.


With a background as an art director, Ron has developed a unique view on composition, color and form, which he translates into his set photography. Ron understands the value of every second, because in the world of set photography, time is a precious commodity. He works as invisible as a fly on the wall. Speed ​​and precision are essential, as there is rarely room for extensive set photography. As a set photographer he knows this better than anyone. His set photos aren't just used for documentation; they often serve as the key visual of advertising campaigns.

As a set photographer, he combines artistic vision and technical skills to bring his clients' stories to life. His passion for street photography offers an intimate glimpse into everyday life around the world. Ron invites you to discover the world through his eyes, enjoy everyday beauty and embrace the power of imaging on his website Ron Gessel set photography.

Een jonge vrouw met veel balonnen in haar hand zit gehurkt op het gras oor een meer. A young woman with many balloons in her hand is crouching on the grass near a lake.
Een conductrice op een treinstation praat met 2 vrouwen. A conductor at a train station talks to 2 women.

Clients Set Photography and Advertising Photography

Below is a small selection of the clients I have worked for.

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